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Sara-P-HeadShaveFor aspiring neurosurgeon Sara, the past six years have been eye-opening. Having had the opportunity to study and do neuroscience research at a Hamilton, ON laboratory, Sara had the chance, she says, to better understand just how little is known about brain tumours. “That’s when I came across Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada online,” she explains.

Sara is a devoted advocate for the cause and with her plans to join the Hamilton Spring Sprint for the second time, has taken this commitment to new heights — or should we say lows?

On Friday, May 1st, Sara will shave her head (to skin!) to show her support for everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour. “If there’s one small way I can call attention to brain tumours and remind others to find ways to get involved in their communities,” she says, “then I am happy to do it!”

With her trusty Lab, Alex, by her side, Sara plans to spend the next month doing all she can to raise awareness about Spring Sprint, brain tumours and her head-shaving — plus a little fundraising! From can and bottle collection to asking local businesses for donations, Sara’s hoping community support for her big chop will send her over her $1,000 fundraising goal. “I want to do anything in my power that I can to help those diagnosed with a brain tumour. My hopes are that my one little gesture will encourage other people to direct their time and energy to this worthy cause, too.”

Don’t forget — you can find a brain tumour walk near you. Between May and September, more than 20 events take place across Canada!


  1. How can I be a member to support the foundation and raised funds for who need help and my daughter need help too

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