Friend Friday: Give A Mile

Did you know, according to, 10 trillion airline miles went unredeemed in 2011 alone?

Give A Mile has one Big Goal which is: To provide 1 billion miles of customer loyalty program points to those in need of visiting a terminally ill or critically sick loved one.
“We are people who have felt the compassion and love in visiting with someone who is terminally ill.
The great compassion and support a visit like this has to offer is a powerful gift we can give.”

So far Give A Mile has given 107 flights to people for visits of support, completed 12 Flight Hero programs and redeemed 4,094,780 travel loyalty point for flights of compassion. Eight of those flights have been for family members dealing with brain cancer, here is one such story.

Why are they our Friend Friday?
1) If I were in urgent need of a flight without the funds to pay for it, I would want to know that Give A Mile existed. Maybe you know someone in that exact situation.
2) If I had airline miles that I wasn’t going to use, I’d want them to be used by someone who really needs them. Maybe you feel the same.

Visit to find out more about who they are, who they have helped, and, if you would like to, how you can help someone in need of a flight.

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