Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours

The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) has an awareness-raising initiative every year where they encourage people to “Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours.”

Now we know that 18 incredible Spring Sprint fundraisers were just held across Canada, but here’s an added bonus to those walks: We can “donate” all of the kilometres walked, run and strolled to the IBTA! They don’t ask for any of the money raised by Spring Sprint as IBTA recognizes that funds should go to local brain tumour support groups or relevant research institutions. They would like people to symbolically “donate” only the mileage achieved on walks.

It’s my pleasure to share, that because of the thousands of 2015 Spring Sprint participants, that 19,162 (and a half!) kilometres were donated to IBTA, and we hope to donate many more kilometres after the September Brain Tumour Walk events.  *October update* – we just added 881 (and a half!) kilometres to our walks this year, making a grand total of 20,044 kilometres walked raising awareness of brain tumours! Thank you Canada!

IBTA-Walk-Total_2014So how does this add up? The 2014 Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours was supported by 37 other organizations, who collectively arranged 113 walks, amassing a grand total of 322,527 miles – which is equal to walking 13 times around the world at the equator! I feel tired just thinking about it!

You can read more about how Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada contributed to the Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours in an article entitled “Canada’s Spring Sprint Spectaculars!” on page 21 of the latest issue of the IBTA’s Brain Tumour magazine, or to find out more information about the Brain Tumour Walks taking place in September, visit www.BrainTumourWalk.ca.

Update: March 2016, you can also see some photos of the world-wide activity on IBTA’s website.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Spring Sprint and the Brain Tumour Walk events this year! Together we will transform the future for brain tumour patients and families!

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  1. I am interested in more details on on thus. I would like to help or walk or both.

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