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Jimmy CarterThis morning we learnt that former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, has cancer that has spread to 4 places in his brain. He will start radiation treatment this afternoon. You can watch his statement here.

These types of announcements prove once again that brain tumours do not discriminate, they can affect anyone, at anytime, anywhere.  These types of announcements also strengthen our resolve to find the cause of and the cure for all types of brain tumour.

While we are sending positive energy to Jimmy Carter and his family, we also send our thoughts to everyone affected by a brain tumour, malignant or non-malignant, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, in recovery or coping with the loss of a loved one, if you or someone you know has been affected by a brain tumour, you are not alone.

Update, December 2015: Jimmy Carter said Sunday that his most recent brain scan showed no signs of cancer, more than three months after he began treatment for four melanoma tumours.

Update, March 2016: Jimmy Carter announced Sunday that he no longer needs treatment for cancer, less than seven months after revealing he had been diagnosed with melanoma that had spread to his brain.

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  1. Thanks for best wishes – brain tumors are not death sentence especially with new developments. I am survivor of two and 21 years have passed since first diagnosed. Keep hope up and find best medical care possible – you can survive and do well despite this diagnosis. The silver lining is that once you walk through this door you know what is most important in life – being there for those in your life. Time is precious.

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