Meet the Team: Wear Grey for a Day!

Team Photo September 2015

Team Photo September 2015

September is the time for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada staff to prepare for Brain Tumour Awareness Month in October!

Recently, we had the chance to come together as an entire team, including the staff based in Edmonton and Montreal, and we took a photo to share with you! Also at the meeting were Dr. Rolando and Pamela Del Maestro, co-founders of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, who left us fully inspired to continue the mission they started in 1982.

You might notice there’s a common thread in the picture (#nofilter) and it relates to our theme for October: We’ve been inspired by our colleagues in the United Kingdom who plan to ‘Wear Grey for a Day’ on October 1, 2015.  Last year the UK had support from 29 different countries including Australia, China and Morocco, for this campaign. We’re hoping that Canada will bring the total to at least 30 countries this year, and that this will eventually become a worldwide effort to help people around the globe understand that all brain tumours can have a devastating impact — on the patient and their loved ones.

As this is the first year we’re encouraging you to ‘Wear Grey for a Day,’ we suggest you choose a date in October that suits you.  An anniversary, a milestone, MRI day, dress-down day at work — these are all opportunities to make both awareness and fundraising possible. And there are stickers you can order (for free!) that prompt people to ask why you’re wearing grey.  The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada team will be supporting you too, by wearing grey every Thursday in October!

We want to share your awareness efforts!  
There’s a form on our website to send us your photos or you can tweet your selfies/team pictures using the hashtag #WearGreyOct and we’ll share them online! We also have some tools on our website that can help you spread the word about the brain tumour cause.  Thank you in advance for all your efforts in raising awareness!

For those who are curious as to who is in our photo:
Front Row (l-r): Teresa Wammes, Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, Pamela Del Maestro, Susan Marshall (CEO)
Middle Row (l-r): Justine Travnicek, Sue Ruypers, Rosemary Bos, Janic Gorayeb, Tanya Giannelia, Tracey Jones, Jennifer McIntosh, Katrina Fortner, Amy Mathias, Susan Peddle
Back Row (l-r): Suzanne Lanthier, Jeff Howard, Eileen Quigg, Cheryl Bauer, Todd Goold, Kara Kennedy
You can find our staff list here too.

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