Friday Fun: Blooper Reel

DownInTheStatesBrain tumours are very serious and palliative care is a very serious topic.

But every once in a while, it’s helps to see the silly side of things; laughter helps us relax our muscles, it can decrease stress hormones and even reduce anxiety or fear.

In 2015 we worked on a project with Pallium Canada, with funding provided by Roche, to put together an eLearning Module on palliative care for brain cancer patients, to educate health care professionals about the unique aspects of this type of support.

Starring in these video clips are real-life brain tumour patients and caregivers, Tracey Jones from our staff team, wives, husbands, girlfriends, and even a couple of actual medical pros – all of whom apparently missed their calling. The video we’re sharing today, a.k.a. the blooper reel, is not reflective of their true acting potential 😉 For that, you’d have to watch the real video. (P.S. There is a bit of a cost with the video as it’s meant for medical professional development).

We hope you enjoy our blooper reel!

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