From the Desk of the CEO: Join the Movement to End Brain Tumours!

Susan Marshall, CEO of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Susan Marshall, CEO of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

I’d like to personally invite you to Join the Movement to End Brain Tumours.  We plan to take action through this Movement in a few different ways this year and I wanted to share our plans with you.

This week we launched a new website for Brain Tumour Walk events!  We hope the new website will be easy to use. I’ve had a few people ask about the Brain Tumour Walk name and whether that is the new name for Spring Sprint. Yes, we have moved away from Spring Sprint and included ‘Brain Tumour’ in the name to clarify why we are out there, walking, sprinting and fundraising.

In May we will also be joining our neighbours in the United States of America with ‘Go Grey in May’. In October 2015 there was some furious debate about whether we should change Brain Tumour Awareness Month from October to May, with the consensus being that that would be a great idea.  We will still join our colleagues around the world in October with the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week from October 23-29, 2016.

To kick off Brain Tumour Awareness Week in October, we are holding our first National Brain Tumour Conference! This conference is your chance to hear from expert speakers, learn about the latest in brain tumour research and meet other patients, families and health care professionals, either in person or join us via live streaming opportunities. By amalgamating our resources to bring one National Conference, we hope to maximize our impact for the brain tumour community.

We hope you will Join the Movement. Let’s End Brain Tumours together!


  1. Nice to see some changes! I’m a 5+ year survivor and things had gone a bit stale. Keep up the good work!

  2. I find it difficult that with all the funding that there still is not a cure for brain cancer. I lost a son a year and a half ago to GBM right in the prime of his life. I know that I am not the only parent, spouse, etc that has gone through this deadly disease. In one year we lost 5 in our family to different cancers. I also have a sister that has just gone through treatment for breast cancer. Hers is a triple negative and if she goes past five years she will survive. Very stressful.

  3. Jacqueline Huff

    So excited to see you back Susan, and looking forward to the year ahead. I will be attending the conference in October!

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