2016 Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours

It’s the 10th Annual International Brain Tumour Awareness Week. Did you know that the driving force behind this awareness week is the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA)?

The International Brain Tumour Alliance looks for brain tumour organizations, such as ours, to symbolically ‘donate’ the kilometres you walked at events like Brain Tumour Walk to their “Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours” campaign. They don’t ask for any of the money raised by Brain Tumour Walk events, as IBTA recognizes that funds should go to local brain tumour support groups or relevant research institutions. They would like organizations to symbolically “donate” only the mileage achieved on walks.

So we have tallied all of the kilometres walked, sprinted and strolled at the 21 Brain Tumour Walk events and it is my pleasure to share, that thanks to the 7,000+ Brain Tumour Walk participants in 2016, that we are donating 27,532 kilometres to the IBTA! That’s more than half way (59%) around the circumference of the Earth at the Equator!

Thank you for walking, sprinting and having a little fun on a run for brain tumours. Thank you also for all the fundraising efforts that go alongside these events.  And finally, thank you for continuing to raise awareness of brain tumours. Together we will realise our vision, to find the cause of and a cure for brain tumours.

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