From the desk of the CEO: Brain Tumour Walk 2019

It has been wonderful seeing so many people at our 22 Brain Tumour Walk events this year. More than 8,800 people registered online, with many more registered on the day of the event.

People applaud at a Brain Tumour Walk 2019

New this year: We gave everyone a hat instead of a t-shirt. We were thrilled to have Olympian Piper Gilles as our National Spokesperson. We went to Whitehorse where the event smashed through its fundraising goal. We even went International as a DIY Brain Tumour Walk took place in the Netherlands!

We certainly felt the love at these events, and even witnessed the first ever marriage proposal at the Brain Tumour Walk in Yellowknife! Congratulations to the happy couple!

We saw a marriage proposal at a Brain Tumour Walk event in 2019! Congratulations to this happy couple!

The main events might be finished, but our work is not done. We ask for your patience while we enter the donations that were handed in at the park. If you see more people added to your team, it’s not a mistake, those will be people who registered on the day of the event. We look forward to updating you all on the amount raised once this work is complete.

It’s also not too late to donate! We will continue to accept donations until the end of the year. Please know that your donations make a difference! These funds go towards brain tumour research, support programs, information, advocacy, awareness, and HOPE.

Donations also count towards Grand Club membership and to the Cup of Hope! We are looking forward to awarding the Cup of Hope to the top fundraising team in October 2019. 

The Cup of Hope, awarded to the top fundraising team in Canada.

If you didn’t make it to one of the events, please know that you can still walk at a time and place of your choosing with the DIY Brain Tumour Walk program. More than $10,000 has already been raised through these DIY Brain Tumour Walk events. You can do it too! Gather your family and friends, pick a date and we can even send some hats to make your event a success!

We have one more request! Please complete the survey to tell us what you thought about receiving a hat this year, what you liked about the events and what we can improve upon to make the Brain Tumour Walk program even better for next year!

Volunteers at the Brampton Brain Tumour Walk 2019

Finally, thank you so much to all the volunteers who make it possible for us to hold these events from coast to coast! Thank you to every person who came to the park, and everyone who donated. Because of you, we are one step closer to achieving our vision of finding the cause of and a cure for all brain tumours.

We take our hats off to you all!

Thank you!
Susan Marshall, CEO


  1. I planned and surprised my niece at the 1st annual on the map walk in Whitehorse(she put together the d it yourself walk last year and was a huge success also) on June 15th. It was a honour and privilege to walk beside my niece and support everyone going through this disease. One thing I would recommend is being more mindful when it comes to
    Small towns, my home of Whitehorse and the community has always be so generous, small towns do not work the same as big cities. Have more people reaching out at the Brain tumour Foundation and do not leave so much work to the lead person (My niece in this case). Something to be mindful
    of is realizing they are still fighting this disease. They do not need added stress that can cause anxiety and lead to seizures. Also I raised over $600 on Facebook, allocated this money to one of the teams and not to general fund. I was told you could not do that. I also would like to know how much Facebook takes, it was a just by chance I did this and still managed to raise $. I know these same donors would have donated on my team page if I did not do the Facebook. Maybe also besides the hats(which is a great idea) have something to give to kids so they feel feel included. Great
    Event, I’m going to try and go home every year and also walk in the Vancouver like I did. Thank you for taking the time out to reading this, keep up the good work.

  2. I attended my first walk in Calgary to support my brother who was diagnosed in April. An awesome event but surprised to learn it was the 25th annual walk! Our team “ Team AIDZ” ( Adrian’s nick name) raised close to 20,000. My brother is in week 4/6 for radiation and chemo. My hope is this money can find better and lasting treatments.

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